Mobile Development
Full-service suite of mobile apps integrated with a fleet of vehicles for an elevated ride-sharing service.
Tools Used
React Native, Apollo GraphQL, Google Maps API, Sketch
Case Study

As frog’s largest ventures project at the time, Alto was an 8-month full-service product launch where we built two applications for the Alto experience— a consumer-facing app and a driver-facing app. The premise was to design a brand founded on an elevated ride-hailing experience to create a consistently exceptional user experience where riders can feel safe and assured. The ask required two apps: a consumer-facing application for the rider and a driver-facing application that would mirror the passenger application.

I implemented the front-end of the driver application, which functioned as the control center for the in-car experience. The app was built in React Native with a GraphQL application layer which pulled from the same database as the passenger app. We utilized the Google Maps API in conjunction with BestMile to optimize for trip efficiency and to offer an easily recognizable, frictionless interface for drivers.

Each vehicle in the Alto fleet is equipped with a phone with the Alto driver app preloaded. In addition to having in-app navigation and self-advancing CTAs synced with the passenger's trip, the driver application has an integrated hardware features that includes the ability to toggle between curated "vibe" playlists and programmed headlights for passenger wayfinding.

The development of the driver application was a collaborative joint process between developers, visual and interaction designers, and product managers to ensure that the app was easily navegable for drivers on the go, but also reflected the beauty and simplicity of the brand system we established.

Technology Team: Robert Tuttle (lead), James Walton (lead), David Hezlep (back-end), Michael Calfee (full-stack), Jacqueline White (front-end), Jackie Fu (front-end)